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Blinkit Partner Program
Blinkit Partner Program

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What is the Blinkit Partner Program?

As a Blinkit Partner, you can operate a dark store in your neighborhood, delivering essentials to doorsteps within minutes. Our model enables local individuals and business owners to join the fast-growing 10-minute delivery space, earning a percentage of sales while serving the community

How does the program work?
store setup
Store setup
  • Blinkit will setup the store for you
  • Blinkit also puts initial inventory in the store
hire your own staff
  • Hire own store staff
  • You can also ask Blinkit to help in hiring
Monthly payouts
  • Receive monthly payouts as a percentage of sales
How will you benefit from the program?
exceptional earning potential
Exceptional earning potential
  • Dream big. An annual earning potential of 30% on your investment
performance based rewards
Performance based rewards
  • Designed to significantly reward exceptional performance and business growth
expert training and support
Expert training and Support
  • Comprehensive training with support and real-time insights for enhanced success
What do we need from you?
  • Easy refundable deposit with assured rental payback
entrepreneurial spirit
Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Growth mindset
  • Ability to manage your own team at the store
Operational excellence
  • Adherence to store's service level agreements (SLAs)
  • 24 x 7 operational stores
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Frequently asked questions
How will I get orders after I partner with Blinkit under this program?

Once your store is prepared with assets, manpower, and inventory, Blinkit will make your store's assortment available to customers within a 3-4 km hyperlocal range. Orders placed by customers will be relayed to your store, and the Blinkit Delivery Partner will pick them up and deliver to customers.

Can you elaborate on the setting up of the partner store (mini-warehouse)?

As part of partnership arrangement, partners are expected to adhere to the following guidelines to get Store live:

  • Locate a property of ~2000-3000 sq. ft carpet area as per Blinkit guidelines
  • Once the due diligence is completed Blinkit will help set up the store to optimize picking time based on the best practices developed across existing stores
  • After setting up your store, Blinkit will assist in stocking the required assortment one week in advance and provide training to your staff, enabling us to go live
What aspects of the store operations will come under my purview in the store?

As part of the store operations at a broad level you will need to take care of material inbound processes such as receiving, inwarding, putaway, which will facilitate a smooth inbound flow of products and also outbound processes of picking, packing, billing and handing over to the products to delivery partners

How will I get paid for the services as part of the partnership?

You will be paid commission calculated from the monthly turnover. The billing cycle will be monthly and the payments will be completed within a defined time period

Will I also have to deliver the orders to the end customer?

No, the orders will be delivered by our delivery partners. As store partners, you are expected to pick, pack, bill and handover the orders to our delivery partners within a predefined time frame

How will I get a return on my investment?

Our payout model is designed in such a way that your earnings continue to grow with business and you are able to make ~30% return on your investments

For more information, write to us at [email protected]

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