Partner store
Partner store

Earn more by running a Blinkit mini-warehouse in your locality

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Looking for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to own and manage warehouses for us. These partner-operated stores facilitate 10 minute delivery of a higher assortment of products to customers, at the best prices everyday

grow your earnings
Grow your earnings
  • quick breakeven
  • ~30% return on investment
ease of doing business
Ease of doing business
  • once store is setup, go live for orders in a week
  • hassle-free supply chain to manage store
support we offer
Support we offer
  • training on warehouse management & operations
  • data & insights to effectively grow business
  • ground floor commercial property with ~2000-4000 sqft carpet area
  • parking space for  ~15-20 bikes
  • easy access to park a small truck/ canter
  • store supervisor
  • store staff
  • 2 shifts daily commitment
  • zero* upfront cost
  • bank guarantee of ~₹30-35** lakhs


*bank loan available up to 15-25 lacs

**depending on size of property

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Frequently asked questions
How will I get orders after I partner with Blinkit under this program?

Once you become a partner by opening and managing your own partner store, Blinkit will make the assortment in your store visible to customers within a local region of about 10-20km. Orders placed by customers within that region will be fulfilled from your store. This also makes the supply chain shorter and faster

What are my responsibilities as a Blinkit partner store owner?

As a partner store partner you are expected to own all processes from store set up to store management including daily operations

Can you elaborate on the setting up of the partner store (mini-warehouse)?

As part of the arrangement, partner store partners are expected to adhere to the following processes:

  • locate a property of ~2000-4000 sq ft. carpet area as per the Blinkit recommended guidelines 
  • a detailed ‘list of material’ will be shared according to which the set up should be done 
  • if required, a bank loan up to 15 lakhs will be available for the initial set up

Other than that you need a bank guarantee of ~₹30 lakhs in lieu of the products which we will be stocked at your partner store (mini-warehouse)

What aspects of the store operations will come under my purview in the store?

As part of the store operations at a broad level you will need to take care of material inbound processes such as receiving, inwarding, putaway, which will facilitate a smooth inbound flow of products and also outbound processes of picking, packing, billing and handing over to the products to delivery partners

How will I get paid for the services as part of the partnership?

You will be paid commission calculated from the monthly turnover. The billing cycle will be monthly and the payments will be completed within a defined time period

Will I also have to deliver the orders to the end customer?

No, the orders will be delivered by our delivery partners. As store partners, you are expected to pick, pack, bill and handover the orders to our delivery partners within a predefined time frame

For more information, write to us at [email protected]