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We asked some of our Tech members to share the epiphanic moments they experienced during team meeetings when clarity hit them

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A story about loss and bouncing back from a tragedy in life, to find a direction that shapes one's future for good

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A story about fighting against odds and growing in a big city, only to find a spot of acceptance and belonging in a startup

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Here's a peek into how we are juicing up Redash into the ultimate analytics beast that it's meant to be

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A story about being competitive, but more importantly, understanding that the competition is only against yourself and nobody else

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The technology industry can only thrive when everyone has access to it and this, in turn, makes sure that, with access, everyone grows

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A motivating story about a blinker's childhood passion for photography and making the most of the opportunities at hand

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After carefully comparing both the Elasticsearch versions, we decided to migrate our Elasticsearch cluster to the newer version, 7.5.

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Here's why you get the champions you deserve and you have to be your own champion, because no one else is responsible for your choices

Tech Team | March 31, 2022 | 8 mins read

Ekta currently works on the experience that a customer entails after checkout at Blinkit and here, she shares her journey as a woman in technology