build a career while making an impact
build a career while making an impact
better lives for more people

To actualize our vision of better lives for more people, we use proprietary technology to empower Indians – by creating increased convenience, more savings, flourishing businesses, and stronger communities. All this, while making everyday shopping a smoother, happier experience for India

what sets us apart
Blinkit Culture
our shared philosophy
mindsets & leverage points
mindsets & leverage points

We believe that being a leader is a mindset, much more than it is a title. And are codifying the operating principles that leaders at Blinkit follow at all times

Learn about how we lead here

learning organisation
learning organisation

We are a group of people who are constantly learning the skills we need, and continuously improving upon ourselves to create the future we desire

Learn about what we value here

sustainability conscious
sustainability conscious

There is no viable path forward that does not take into account the needs of the future generations. The concept of sustainability entails that we live and work in the present in a manner that does not jeopardise the future

Learn about our sustainability commitment here

how we nurture you
Learning and development
learning and development

We are building a learning organization and offer extensive opportunities for your development. Through coaching, knowledge sharing forums, and self-paced learning programs, we’ll support you in doing what you love

Support for you and your loved ones
support for you and your loved ones

We provide comprehensive medical insurance to you and your family – this includes COVID-related medical coverage as well. We also offer generous parental leave, caregiver leave, bereavement leave, and much more

mental and emotional well being
mental and emotional well being

We care for your well-being and offer you access to psychiatrists and counselors. They offer practical guidance and support on health, as well as matters related to family and work

Quality time off
quality time off

We believe to do our best work, we all need to spend time with family and friends, travel, take care of personal commitments or just take a break. For this, we provide paid time off

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frequently asked questions
how can I apply for a role at Blinkit?

To check out the positions we are actively hiring for, you can browse our LinkedIn page, and apply for a role most suitable with your current skill set and experience. In case you don't find an opening suitable for your skills you can always write to us at [email protected] along with paragraph or two on why you should be working at Blinkit

can I apply for a role which is not listed in the career page?

While we have mentioned all the open positions on the careers page, you can always send us your cv along with a note on why you think you are a good fit for Blinkit by writing to us at [email protected]

can I apply for multiple jobs?

Yes, you can apply for multiple jobs incase you think 'they' are in alignment with your skills and work experience

do you have entry level positions?

Yes, we hire across levels, you can browse active openings on the careers page

what's the best way to connect with a recruiter?

To make sure your application gets to the right person, it is best if it's linked to a specific job posting listed on the career section. A recruiter will then contact you if your profile is assessed as a potential fit for the role

what's the best way to stay updated on job opportunities at Blinkit?

You can explore the current list of open positions by running a search in the domain you want to apply on our career site or social media platforms like Linkedin

what is the minimum education requirement for applying at Blinkit?

You need to be a graduate to apply for any full time opportunity at Blinkit. If you are not a graduate and want to work with us you could apply for jobs in our warehouse or as a delivery partner

what should I focus on while applying for a job at Blinkit?

Tell us about the impact you have made and the value you have created in your current role. Or talk with us about something innovative you have built. We would love to learn from your experience as we believe to raise the bar with every hire. The ability to fail fast and the curiosity to learn from those mistakes – essentially a learner’s mindset is what we are looking for

what's the culture like at Blinkit?

We are a group of people who are constantly learning the skills we need, and continuously improving upon ourselves to create the future we desire. Learn more about what we value here. At Blinkit, we believe that being a leader is a mindset, much more than it is a title, learn about how we lead here. If you are curious to learn more about us, we encourage you to visit our about page for more information

does Blinkit have a favourable time off policy?

Yes, we believe that for anyone to do their best work, time for rest and reflection is necessary and helpful. For this we provide generous time away from work which includes paid time off and public holidays to take care of personal exigencies, avail opportunities to rejuvenate and bring work life balance. This bouquet of leaves also includes COVID leave, caregiver leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, bereavement leave and special leave day

what kind of mental health support does Blinkit offer?

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic situation, we launched an Employee Assistance Program to deal with these stressful and uncertain times. The program focuses on bolstering the health and wellbeing of the team members and their family by providing them:

  • Telephonic counselling for emotional and psychological support, and
  • Practical guidance and support on health and matters related to family and work
  • We offer our teams the option of participating a daily sessions focused on their mental and physical wellbeing