Build a career while making an impact
Build a career while making an impact
Better lives for more people

To actualize our vision of better lives for more people, we use proprietary technology to empower Indians – by creating increased convenience, more savings, flourishing businesses, and stronger communities. All this, while making everyday shopping a smoother, happier experience for India. We are always looking for driven individuals to join us in making instant commerce indistinguishable from magic. 

What sets us apart

Our shared philosophy
Mindsets & leverage points
Mindsets & leverage points

We believe that being a leader is a mindset, much more than it is a title. And are codifying the operating principles that leaders at Blinkit follow at all times

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Learning organisation
Learning organisation

We are a group of people who are constantly learning the skills we need, and continuously improving upon ourselves to create the future we desire

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Sustainability conscious
Sustainability conscious

There is no viable path forward that does not take into account the needs of the future generations. The concept of sustainability entails that we live and work in the present in a manner that does not jeopardise the future

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How we nurture you
Learning and development
Learning and development

We are building a learning organization and offer extensive opportunities for your development. Through coaching, knowledge sharing forums, and self-paced learning programs, we’ll support you in doing what you love

Support for you and your loved ones
Support for you and your loved ones

We provide comprehensive medical insurance to you and your family – this includes COVID-related medical coverage as well. We also offer generous parental leave, caregiver leave, bereavement leave, and much more

mental and emotional well being
Mental and emotional well being

We care for your well-being and offer you access to psychiatrists and counselors. They offer practical guidance and support on health, as well as matters related to family and work

Quality time off
Quality time off

We believe to do our best work, we all need to spend time with family and friends, travel, take care of personal commitments or just take a break. For this, we provide paid time off

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Frequently asked questions
Do employees get medical coverage?

Yes, all employees of Blinkit – Blinkers (as well as their spouses and children) – are covered under an extensive health insurance policy. Alongside, a Practo membership is also issued to each.

What are the policies on maternity/paternity leave?

In total, there are 26 weeks of paid leave to be availed. This policy also applies to non-birthing parents, and in cases of surrogacy, adoption, and same-sex partners.

How many period leave are allowed?

Our period leave policy has been designed to give our female and transgender employees the necessary time off to cater to their health when needed, during their menstrual cycle. Eligible Blinkers can avail up to 10 days of period leave in a year.

What are the flexi benefits in place?

Our flexi benefit plan enables Blinkers to modify the components of their compensation based on benefits such as newspaper and periodical allowance, leave and travel allowance, vehicle running and maintenance, telephone bill expenses, etc.

Does the company provide any in-house wellness support?

We all experience challenging situations in our lives. To manage these stressors and concerns, both at a personal and professional level, one can always reach out to our in-house team of counsellors.

How many days of probation and notice period are required?

There's no probation period for anyone who works with us at Blinkit. Additionally, we do not require Blinkers to serve notice periods.